Misha Udovenko complete piano service Serving Vancouver and Lower Mainland

John Maclean

Misha Udovenko has been tuning the factory studio’s Yamaha C7 grand piano for the past 6 years. Misha has been an incredible person to work with. He has kept our C7 in tip top shape. I would have no problem recommending Misha to anyone who requires Piano tuning and maintenance.

John Maclean,
a producer with The Factory Studios in Vancouver, BC

Sanja Stefanovic

I have known Mr. M. Udovenko since my studies at the Odessa State A.Nezhdanova Conservatory in Ukraine, where he was the principal piano tuner technician. I was fascinated by his working manner to always tune my piano using his ear! First I was confused as in Belgrade (Yugoslavia), I have never had a piano tuner who would tune my piano without a very funny tuning tool, a device that is 100% mechanic and shows if the string is on that level of frequency as shown on the device’s monitor. Mr. M. Udovenko has a perfect pitch which enables him to hear all alliquotes of tone sentences naturally. This skill is a stranger to a mechanical device. I was lucky to have Mr. M. Udovenko as my piano technician for many years and can only highly recommend him.

Sanja Stefanovic,
concert pianist, Bochum, Germany.

Kurt Gagel

Misha Udovenko has tuned  our baby Grand Kawai and now, for the last 3 years, our new baby Grand HAMBURG STEINWAY. Visiting pianists have commented over time on the high quality tuning. It is a pleasure to recommend Misha for his outstanding workmanship and understanding of our piano.

Kurt Gagel

Heather Webster

Misha Udovenko has been tuning and caring for my pianos for many, many years.  He is a true crafstman with a special touch and and a wealth of knowledge about the instrument and it’s workings.  I am always so happy to play my piano after he has come to work his magic.  I recommend him to all of my students and each and every one of them has been thrilled with his work.  Over the years I have also relied on Misha’s expertise when buying a new piano.  He knows what to look for in a good piano, whether the price is right and if the instrument is a good investment.  He has been right every time.  If my students are looking to buy a piano I always suggest they start by calling Misha. Many thanks, Misha !

Heather Webster
(piano teacher and studio owner)

Brenda Campbell

“Misha Udovenko works on pianos with great attention and precision, and brings out the best in every instrument. He’s been tuning and regulating my pianos for over 10 years now- I highly recommend him.”

Brenda Campbell,
a registered piano teacher with the BCRMTA

Barbara Siemens

In addition to servicing my home and studio pianos for many years. Misha Udovenko has done admirable restoration work on my well-loved Steinway. Not only does he have exacting standards, he is reliable, efcient, and always professional. He has also proven to be an invaluable resource for students looking to purchase new or used instruments.

Barbara Siemens,
Vancouver Piano Instructor – B. Mus., M.A., ARCT, BCRMTA

Ralf Mace

I had the good fortune to be introduced to Misha Udovenko several years ago when both my pianos were in need of attention.

The Bluthner upright had been purchased new in London in 1986 and had served me well after a move to Australia and then after we had relocated to Canada in 1999. But constant use, the climate of Sydney and two sea journeys more than half-way around the world had taken their toll and the action was no longer as responsive as it had been and the tone had become brittle. Misha completely renovated the action with new pins and re shaped the hammers restoring it to the quality I had enjoyed when it was new.

I bought my second piano, a Yamaha C3 6’1” grand, in 2003. At this time I was impressed by the immediate quality and sensitivity of the action, but the previous owner had played it perhaps too well leaving it with a harder tone than I liked – especially after the Bluthner. Misha reshaped all the hammers, softening the felts and bringing to the instrument a sound quality that was reminiscent of top quality European grands. I was so pleased with it that I decided that I no longer needed two instruments and, while the Bluthner is now serving a local teacher and accompanist, I now find that the Yamaha grand brings me great pleasure in all the playing that I do.

A former rehearsal pianist and a conductor
for The Royal Ballet at The Royal Opera House,
Covent Garden (London, England),
an independent record producer.

Nikolay Ogrenich

Mr. M. Udovenko was employed permanently as a tuner technician at Odessa State A. Nezhdanova conservatory from 1985 to 1995. During these years he presented himself as an experienced master technician. We mention that the profession of piano technician is very unique and specific. It requires a great knowledge and absolutely good ear for music.

Mr. M. Udovenko is very capable and The Faculty of Odessa State A. Nezhdanova Conservatory appreciated his excellent work. He proved to know all the skills of this trade making the professors satisfied and helping to the faculty to enable already worn out instruments to function.

Professor, People’s artist of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Nikolay Ogrenich
Rector, Chairman of the Council of Odessa state A. Nezhdanova Conservatory

Stephen Robb. M.Mus, B.Ed

Misha Udovenko has been our piano technician for Delta Community Music School for more than ten years. His work is has proven to be consistently excellent and he has done everything for us including basic tuning and regulation to more advanced work with voicing. Misha is a true craftsman in the old world sense of the world and relies on his ear, good sense and intuition when working with our instruments to bring the best sound possible out of our pianos. I would recommend him highly.

Stephen Robb. M.Mus, B.Ed
The Music Director of The Delta Community Music School
The Music Director, Conductor – Delta Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Darryl Nixon

Misha Udovenko has serviced the many pianos at St. Andrew’s-Wesley Church for several years now. His work is meticulous and of the highest professional standard. He assesses accurately the issues with a particular piano and works efficiently and uncompromisingly to correct them, no matter how big or small the issues may have been. His tunings are consistently perfect and seem to bring the whole instrument into alignment.

Darryl Nixon
Minister Of Music
St. Andrew’s-Wesley Church

Gloria Wong

Misha Udovenko = master piano technician who can transform any piano into a singing beauty. Pure magic- Misha made my piano sound better than in it’s original condition. By the time he had completed work on my piano, the touch and the sound was exactly how I had described to him my wish for it to be. Didn’t think it could be achieved on my piano…. Misha worked wonders – pure magic, craftsmanship and artistry!

Gloria Wong
former Associate Director – Vancouver Recital Society

Rev. Leopold Marko Rochmes

I am pleased to introduce Mr. M. Udovenko, an expert for repairing and tuning of musical instruments.

From 1991 to 1998 Mr. M. Udovenko had been taking care of our piano and pipe organ. The success of his perfect knowledge of precise regulation and irreproachable tuning is a result of his versatile education and dedication to his profession.

The quality of his work is highly appreciated by many other churches in Subotica, Backa Topola and Novi Sad, where he proved his undoubtedly unique skills as a piano technician and pipe organ master.

Vicar General of the Archbishop of Belgrade
Pastor of the Church of St. Anthony
Rev. Leopold Marko Rochmes

Srdjan Hofman

Mr. M. Udovenko has been working for years at the faculty of Music in Belgrade as a permanently employed piano tuner technician. Maintaining successfully a great number of instruments, among which there are many very old ones, Mr. M. Udovenko proved to have very high professional skills and showed his accuracy, diligence and responsibility in his work. Beside the every day tasks of tuning instruments, Mr. M. Udovenko also performed the thorough repairs of mechanism, but also repairing the wooden parts and polish. As well, Mr. M. Udovenko successfully repaired the string instruments (from violin to contrabass) and guitar with great enthusiasm and skill. 

As a Dean of the Faculty of Music for many years I certify that Mr. M. Udovenko is a rarely skilled craftsman, responsible worker and person who easily establishes good relations with his colleagues, professors and the Faculty students.

Professor Srdjan Hofman.
Dean of the Faculty of Music. 
University of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia.

Dragan I. Brajer

Mr. M. Udovenko is an expert in repair and tuning of musical instruments.  He established a co-operation with the Rotary Club of Belgrade when he was invited to tune the grand Yamaha piano and repair a big pipe organ for the humanitarian concert in The Belgrade Concert Hall.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Mr. M. Udovenko to anyone that he establishes either business or friendly contact with.

Dragan I. Brajer,
President of The Rotary Club of Belgrade.

Paula McLaughlin

Misha Udovenko has tuned and maintained my piano for 12 years, and I have been extremely pleased with his fastidious, knowledgeable craftsmanship. He puts thorough and loving care into the instrument as if it were his own. He has been consistently timely and professional in his work, and very personable as well. Misha has also rebuilt a valuable antique mandolin for me, that has restored it to its original or better condition as a treasured instrument. I would highly recommend Misha with no hesitation to anyone who wants a quality tuning or repair. Thanks for your great work!

Paula McLaughlin, a music studio owner