Misha Udovenko complete piano service Serving Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Piano Tuning

Every piano must be tuned at least twice per year. For professional use more frequent service is required. In concert halls and recording studios, the piano is usually tuned before every performance.

The tuning schedule is affected by the beginning of the season when it requires that heating be turned on. After the beginning of a heating season in the fall, Mr. Udovenko recommends allowing the piano to acclimatize to the new humidity level for at least 3 weeks before having it tuned. At the end of a heating season in the spring it is recommended to wait again for 3 weeks after the heat is off before
having your piano tuned.

If your piano hasn’t been tuned for a long time, during the first visit, Mr. Udovenko will evaluate the pitch and advise a client if more than one tuning is necessary to bring the piano to proper A 440 pitch.

Piano repairs

Mr. Udovenko is able to perform a variety of piano repairs that range from simple corrections to substantial changes. Most of them can be completed where the piano is located but some require the piano or parts of it to be transported to his workshop.

Piano Voicing

Professional voicing should be done to the piano after it has been perfectly regulated and tuned.

Voicing a piano is unique combinations of the volume, tone, sustain and clarity of the entire piano or single notes. Voicing can bring the character of a piano to its maximum potential. The entire instrument can be voiced up or down, and it is a matter of personal taste.

In order to even out the keyboard, individual notes or sections can be voiced. If the piano owner feels a piano is too bright, the hammers can be softened to produce a more mellow tone. With piano hammers hardening over time, voicing may be advisable to help restore the original tone quality.


Reconditioning is essential to any kind of piano that has been used over a number of years. Mr. Udovenko recommends reconditioning your piano every 5 years. In the process of reconditioning Mr. Udovenko performs:

As a part of a complete reconditioning job, miscellaneous repairs and a general cleaning of the piano will be done.

Piano Rebuilding

Professional piano rebuilding requires a comprehensive knowledge and complex engineering experience.
Rebuilding includes: